Outdoor Cuneo Alps

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Built 800 years ago on a terrace in the shape of a wedge to confluence the rivers Stura and Gesso, Cuneo is characterized by  about 8 kilometres of arcades, that, departing from the principal street of the historical centre, via Roma, proceeding along corso Nizza and other streets of the new town, offering a large commercial centre and an ideal place for encounters.

Galimberti square, the great XIX century square, is the heart of Cuneo, famous for its market on Tuesday, recalling many foreign visitors, particularly from nearby France.
Welcoming town, preserving what was a medieval village defended by imposing walls and towers, numerous monuments  worthy of visiting. First of all the complex of St. Francesco, with an imposing gothic church, national monument, and monastery, today the site of the interesting civic museum dedicated to the local history and to the ethnographic costumes. Besides this, you can admire numerous baroque churches, like the cathedral, an ancient church of foundation, St. Ambrogio dedicated to the Saint of Milan and its people that helped the birth of the “new town”, St. Mary, St. Croce and St. Chiara. But the whole historic centre possesses numerous noble houses and palaces worthy of visiting, with the XVI-II century Town Hall, dominated opposite by the ancient civic tower, recently restored and accessible to the public.
“Contrada Mondovì”, feature medieval ways, offers to visitors lovely shops of antiquity under its medieval arcades, as well as the XVII century synagogue, annexed to the old Hebraic ghetto.