Outdoor Cuneo Alps

Valley italian alps

A valley suspended between two regions and dominated by the Ligurian Alps, which despite their name are more extended in Piedmont. A hinge between the Apennines and the Alps, the chain is characterized by a flora, which unites typically Alpine plants to Mediterranean ones.

A territory composed of 5 valleys shaped by their homonymous streams where the phenomenon of the Karts system is remarkable, much evident in the 3 natural cavities open to the public:the Grottos of Bossea, Caudano and of the Dossi. .

A border valley, marked in its whole itinerary by the River Stura. The fascination of this valley lies in its untouched nature, in its intricate system of paths and stone houses in the hamlets of San Bernolfo Ferriere and Neraisa.

The well-known valley of an inimitable cheese called Castelmagno, an authentic King of tastes, a treasure of antique origins produced in the high pastures, with which you can make a sauce to serve with exquisite potato dumplings "gnocchi".

This is a valley, which has lived isolated for centuries, which offers an uncontaminated and wild environment. Who visits it can discover the Occitan traditions, the farms where Merens horses are bred, the craftsmen's shops, or be amazed on arriving in Villar San Costanzo to discover the "Ciciu",

An untouched territory where history and art, language and traditions intersect. The Alpine hamlets of stone with slated roofs, like Bellino and Chianale are silent witnesses to a millenary past. In the hamlet of Bellino time passes with the antique sundials, which decorate many façades of many buildings.

A charming area, drenched with fatigue and of a curious sentiment of uneasiness and love for the unmistakable symbols of this land. The River Po and the Monviso Mountain, are unique presences and inevitable companions while climbing up this valley.

A transit valley, signed by the Tenda Pass, one of the historical passage for France and the Ligure seaside. Limone Piemonte is surely the best known centre of the valley, during the winter it is an international skiing centre and in the summer an important holiday resort.

An intense, lively green will be the constant setting to know this valley, dominated by the Marguareis, characterized by a massif of one of the most important carsican (karst) systems in this area of the Alps and the area of the Natural Park of Marguareis, which preserves a unique floristic heritage at world level.

Here we are in the heart of the Parco Naturale of the Maritime Alps, the biggest protected area in Piedmont (27,945 hectares), an area rich with brooks and streams characterized high up by suggestive lakes and waterfalls.